I decided to do it

I work at one of our local heating and air conditioning companies as a certified heat and a/c specialist.

  • Last week there was some optional overtime offered because they were so backed up with tons of heating and cooling repair and heating and air conditioning installation calls.

After thinking about it a little while, I decided that I would do the overtime to pick up a few extra dollars. Me and my family were planning on going on vacation in a few months, and this extra money that could make by working a little bit of overtime at the heating and air conditioning company could prove to be useful in having extra spending cash for our vacation. I just had to work an extra few hours every day of the week. Which would mean I would come home at 7pm instead of 5pm like I usually do. My wife would just make dinner later and all would be fine. And collecting the overtime extra pay would be the main benefit here. I can say that it was a tiring week having to work 2 hours extra each day, but it will be well worth it when I see the actual paycheck in my hand with the overtime pay included. Working extra hours at the heating and air conditioning company is not something I agree to do very often because the day in itself it quite tiring. This was a one time only exception! Won’t be doing it again anytime in the next year or so, that is for sure!



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