Saving money this way

I found out a really great way to save money on energy use of my heating and air conditioning today! You see I was reading a website on energy saving tips and I read a whole section about how central heating and cooling units are the main reason for high energy bills.

  • The tip they gave was to go out and buy portable space heaters and portable air conditioning systems to go in conjunction with the central heating and cooling and you will see a drastic decrease in the energy bill.

The general idea would be to use the portable air conditioner or portable space heater for part of the day and then use the central heating and air conditioning system the other part of the day. You do not have to stop using your central heat and a/c unit all together, just part of the time. I talked to a few friends of mine that actually already knew about this method and have been doing it. And indeed it is one hundred percent true and they have been saving money on their monthly energy bills for a while now using the portable air conditioning system and the portable space heater in conjunction with their central heating and air conditioning system unit. I am going to take a trip to the store this weekend and buy myself both a portable air conditioning system and a portable space heater and begin doing this next week! I just wish I knew about this a lot sooner.
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