It was legitimately detailed

I had my ductwork of the central heating plus cleaned for the first time ever the other afternoon.

It was quite interesting to watch the heating plus cooling workers clean the ductwork.

I did not even know that getting the ductwork of your central heating plus cleaned was so detailed! Just watching them made my head spin to be totally honest. I had no method that they took things apart plus used all these weird tools inside both the ductwork plus the central heating plus A/C equipment itself. It was quite the education lesson to say the least. When they were done I told them what I thought about it being quite detailed. They told myself and others that usually it isn’t this detailed, but because I never had my ductwork cleaned before that they needed to do what was called a deep ductwork cleaning. That is slightly weird than the regular correct ductwork cleaning as I found out. It also cost a little more. I was told that if I get the ductwork of my central heating plus cleaned at least numerous times a year then I would not ever need a deep ductwork cleaning again. It would all be normal ductwork cleaning moving forward. That was a relief. So I decided that I am going to do just that plus have the ductwork of my central heating plus cleaned 3 times a year from now on. It will be a great thing for the heat plus a/c equipment plus save myself and others cash.

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