Needing protection

I recently had a brand new & new central heating & A/C plan installed into our home.

  • But the locale that the actual heat & A/C unit itself had to be localed was not a good one.

It was right by our garden in the backyard. Having a central heating & A/C unit right by our garden was a potential health hazard if it were to leak freon or any of the dirty water into the garden. It could actually be quite toxic & deadly! So I had no option but to call a construction corporation & arrange for a stone barrier & fence to be put around the central heating & A/C plan unit for protection. This way if that were to ever happen, it could not leak into the garden. It would leak within the enclosed stone yard I would make for the central heating & A/C unit. This was going to cost me another additional investment. However because of the way our house was built I had no choice. It was either that or have no central heating & A/C unit! I did not want to have to go outdated school & get a furnace for our heating & various window cooling systems just to cool & heat our home. So making the additional investment to the construction corporation was all good & fine. I just had them bill our debit card for the work & I will be paying it all off over the next year or so.


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