I was afraid of flooding for my A/C system

I remember one time as a kid, it rained extremely hard. It rained like that for several days on end, and since my home was right next to a lake, I got to watch in amazement as the water crept further up the grassline. It eventually got to a point where a significant chunk of grass was now under water. But that wasn’t the most fascinating part. The most fascinating part was a bridge that was also close to my home that led across part of the lake. I watched as even the bridge began to go underwater as well, and my family and I could no longer cross it. It felt like it rained forever, but eventually, the rain did cease. The flooding however, remained for well over a week. I didn’t have a hard rain like that in a long time, that is, until I was older. You see as a kid I didn’t have anything to worry about flooding wise, but now as a homeowner I do. When we started getting another really heavy downpour, I worried about my HVAC system flooding. I live close to a hill, I knew all that water was going directly towards the HVAC device. I watched as for days on end, the water gathered around my heating and A/C system, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Thankfully, this rainstorm was nearly as bad as the one from my childhood, and it ended prematurely, and thankfully, my heating and air conditioning system worked just fine.

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