It was strenuous for me to labor out while in the summer

It is honestly strenuous for me to keep a schedule sometimes. I don’t have an issue so much with starting a schedule, it’s more of if something gets in our way, I am pretty likely to deliver up and transport on. I know that is not a fantastic mindset to have, and I have been trying to repair that. So last fall, I started going out for a weekly jog, that way I got in our official exercise for the day. I am hoping to become more fit, and with eating better and jogging at least a mile weekly, I guess that I am off to a fantastic start, however for once, I was able to continue every single day with the same schedule, the same workout routine. By winter, I was quite proud of myself. Even though working out while it was ice cold was difficult, I still managed to push through it. At this rate I was start to guess nothing could stop me. That is, until Summer came around. Summer came and hit hard, with a lot of the hot and cold temperatures going close to 100 degrees. I found myself no longer interested in jogging, I was more interested in staying in the air conditioned home, but heat is a horrible feeling, and I just wanted to be around our central air conditioning system all day, then regardless, I knew I would start getting back into awful habits if I let this continue, so despite the fact that I wasn’t going to labor out outside, I decided to buy a treadmill indoors. That way, I can still workout, however also still like our heating and a/c at home as well.

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