Heavy rain delayed air conditioning system appointment

I like the rain, it can sometimes be fantastic to watch and hear, however what I don’t like is heavy rain afternoons.

Really, even heavy rain I can usually tolerate, as long as I am indoors and I don’t have to worry about driving in the rain.

However, what I honestly don’t like is when the heavy rain delays a area of our schedule. I am the kind of man that has a strict schedule to attend to, and I like it that way. So when something in our schedule gets interrupted, I am not a cheerful man at all. I just had this yeahterday. Yesterday was an incredibly rainy day. I knew it would likely rain, based on the hovering dark clouds in the day, and by day, it was pouring down rain. I honestly had a Heating and Air Conditioning service appointment for that same day, at 2:00. The rain started around 12:00, and by 3, the heating and cooling tech still had not shown up. I tried calling to see where he was at, however there was no answer. I had to call the actual Heating and Air Conditioning business to find out what was going on. Apparently there was an accident on the road leading to our home, and it must have been a awful 1, because traffic was utterly obstructed. Another hour came and went, and still no sign of the air conditioning system worker. I eventually ended up getting a call from the heating and cooling business, telling me they were going to have to reschedule, which was incredibly irritating. On the bright side, they did deliver me a discount for the inconvenience.


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