I will need to find a local print shop that designs and prints custom labels

I have an idea for a charity here in my town. I would like to create care packages for elderly people and take them to nursing homes all around. The packages will be small with a few items that would be useful to them. It would include a cute little mug, hot chocolate and tea, a candle, and some yummy treats. Just something to put a smile on their faces. Well, I plan on using gift boxes to keep everything nice and neat. And the great part is, the items fit into these boxes that I found online. I still have a few more items to purchase, so I will be going to the store to get those this weekend. One thing that I would like to do is to add a custom label to the boxes. I would like each box to have a cute little saying or quote on them. I don’t want to purchase a label maker right now, so I just need to find a local company that is willing to print these labels for me. If I could get the same company to design the labels that would be even better for me. Essentially, I would like to create about 100 gift boxes, which means I would need 100 custom labels. I plan on researching companies this weekend to see what the cost of printing these labels will be. If I find that the cost of printing these labels is way above my budget, I will need to figure out something else. If I continue to make these care packages, I think I will invest in a label maker because I think it will save me some money on printing costs.


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