I got a really good deal on our new A/C system

I had to buy a new A/C system for our house but I got a really great deal on it.

I’m glad that I did too, because I did not have a whole lot of money saved up in the home improvement fund that I have been trying to keep.

I have been trying to do much better on budgeting my money for household items and things that need to be repaired. Generally, I have been doing a much better job at it but sometimes I end up needing more money than I actually have saved up and this was one of those times. My air conditioning system stopped working and the weather was just starting to heat up outside. I knew that I would not last very long without air conditioning because I get really irritable whenever the temperature is too hot inside of my house. I called up my local HVAC company to find out how much an air conditioning repair would cost me, and it was a small fortune. The HVAC technician told me that If it were him, he would probably just replace the whole air conditioning system because it was getting pretty old and outdated. I took his advice, but only because I was able to get a really great deal on a floor model central air conditioning unit that the HVAC company was getting rid of. I was so happy to find out about this A/C unit because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to afford a brand new one with the money I had saved.

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