The PPC campaign cost me an arm plus a leg

Advertising is an important part of any business! When out advertising, there is no way to get your contractor name out into the world, but advertising used to be as easy as a handshake plus a contractor card, however times have changed since the beginning of the internet, and most advertising is now done online.

  • When I decided to build a website for our business, I didn’t guess the first locale to start, but i instantly contacted a supplier that handles web design plus advertising.

I told the supervisor of the supplier that I was interested in an online marketing campaign. I also told her that I already tried PPC advertising. The PPC advertising campaign cost me an arm plus a leg. I didn’t understand how PPC advertising works… PPC or pay-per-click advertising can be a genuinely helpful tool if done officially… Since I didn’t guess what I was doing, I spent a lot of money that was unnecessary. After I explained our position to the supervisor of the advertising supplier, she told me about some other ways that they could help our business, then both of us completely remodeled the website so it would look fresh, sleek, plus interesting. Both of us added extra information plus helpful links to products that could be installed by members of our Heating and Air Conditioning team. Website updates alone created an increase in customers that stayed on our website for longer. Before the website was updated, the average time that a buyer spent on the Heating and Air Conditioning website was less than 1 minute. After every one of us made the swings to the website, the average time that a buyer spent on the Heating and Air Conditioning website was several minutes.


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