They were absolutely right

I had been hearing all about using portable heating, ventilation as well as A/C equipment to help reduce energy use for a while.

Central heating and cooling systems are the main cause of high energy bills as the people I was with and I all know.

But I absolutely did not think that by using a portable air conditioning plan and a portable space furnace that you could absolutely save money on energy use. I thought it was all internet hype and false information on energy saving tips websites. Well I decided to provide it a try just to prove that it was a bunch of lies. I am ecstatic to report that I was easily wrong! They were absolutely right. I have been using a portable air conditioning plan now for a few months with the worst heat that has been going on in the section and my energy bill has gone down a lot. So much to where if this keeps up I will absolutely be able to save money toward going on a vacation! That is how much savings I am getting by using this portable air conditioning plan mixed with the correct central air conditioning. What you do is use the portable air conditioning plan in the day, and when you go to sleep at night turn on the correct central cooling system. This absolutely is working out well. And I have no doubt that when Winter time comes around again and I use the portable space furnace that I purchased mixed with the correct central heating plan that it will produce the same exact results. I am just kicking myself for not trying this sooner.


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