Couldn’t believe the power

For the first time I recently bought a portable air conditioning system.

I had heard of portable air conditioning systems for years but never actually purchased one.

I bought this portable a/c because it was on sale and I figured it would be good to have it around the house to both save on energy use from running the central air conditioning all of the time and also in the event of an HVAC emergency, I would not have to call for emergency heat and a/c service nor go to a hotel. I could just use the portable air conditioning system to keep me cool until the heat and a/c company could get an HVAC specialist out to repair my central heating and cooling system. And let me tell you that this portable air conditioning system is so powerful that it blows my mind. I never expected a portable air conditioning system to be able to cool an entire room in minutes. Also, the fact that it cools more than a small space also shocked me. I would never know that it was a portable air conditioning system and could be fooled that it was the central air conditioning. That is how powerful it is. And the price I paid for such a great piece of HVAC machinery is nothing short of amazing. I really recommend to anyone to get a portable air conditioning system. It would be the best small investment you could make in HVAC equipment in general in my opinion.

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