I could suppose the draft going across our shoulders.

I sat in our lake lake house office last week, and I could suppose this cold draft going across our shoulders.

I knew I had to either get up and get a sweater, or find out where the draft was coming from.

It wasn’t until I saw the slight movement of the curtain that I even considered the upper area of the window may be open. The wind was blowing so tough that it had caused an unlocked window to drop about an inch. I couldn’t reach the upper window to close it, and I had to call our partner into the room. He wasn’t as much sad about the open window as he was the reason ‌the Heating and A/C plan wasn’t turning on in the room. All of us had a ductless Heating and A/C plan installed in that room because of its distance from the central Heating and A/C system. When our mother lived with us, both of us had added the room added on so she had a private area. Since mom had passed away, I had been using it as our lake lake house office. My partner asked if I remembered the last time both of us had checked the filters on the ductless Heating and A/C, or had it ran tests on? I remember when he had told myself and others that ductless Heating and A/C did not need to be ran tests on, even though I couldn’t remember when anyone had ever flushed it out. After securing the window so it was no longer open, he called the Heating and A/C corporation. He wanted to think if there was any way someone could come out and service the ductless Heating and A/C system. When the Heating and A/C tech arrived and told us the ductless plan was over 10 years seasoned and actually needed to be updated, our partner just shook his head.


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