The HVAC tech ruined the deal with me

About 5 years ago, I worked in a call center… It was a task that I took after I got laid off and needed something to keep me going.

I was given a script to refer to when making the cold calls, and at times, the script worked, but there were times that I would have to guess on my feet, then the aim was to get the right person on the call and close the deal… But it wasn’t an easy task to complete, and both of us were contacting corporation owners, and it was quite hard to get through to them. But you suppose the saying, if at first you don’t succeed, try again. Perhaps, that tactic might work for some, but it could come off as a bit pushy, and could ruin a deal. I remember once when my heating and A/C professional was trying to get me to purchase a nearby heating and A/C maintenance plan, and he kept trying to convince me that the plan would be beneficial because it would increase the efficiency of my heating and A/C unit, and it would save me some cash. I listened to what he had to say, but when I declined, he decided to push a bit further; he explained that the maintenance plan could extend the life expectancy on my heating and A/C unit, which was perhaps correct, however I explained that my component was new, and I didn’t know it would make sense to subscribe to a plan right now. He then insisted further that in about a year I would need to begin replacing particular parts and mentioned how extravagant those maintenance costs would be, then at that point, I was aggravated because he kept pushing the issue. I am not against getting a maintenance plan, in fact, I know they can be quite beneficial, however I didn’t love the way the heating and A/C tech kept pushing after I said no. All he did was ruin that deal.


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