Getting us all together again thanks to added HVAC

My brother and I really didn’t want the family cabin to be sold.

  • But the fact of the matter was that he and I were the only ones going up there.

When dad died, he made a special request that we keep the cabin in the family as he had when it was passed to him. That seemed like a request my brother and I could keep. It’s just that our families couldn’t be coaxed out of the heating and cooling comfort of home to go to the cabin. When my brother and I were little, dad would swoop us up and out of the air conditioning at home for long weekends at the cabin. I don’t think there was anything more fun and wonderful than those excursions. But that was well before the internet and all the other distractions my kids deal with. They’d rather stay inside the HVAC cooling or the HVAC heating playing online games than get back to nature in a funky, rustic cabin. Well, my brother and I decided that if we were going to keep the cabin, it would have to come with some upgrades. We started with adding some residential HVAC. That worked out great really. The HVAC professional was able to put in the 3 ductless heat pumps in one day. We paid a premium for him to be up there but it was worth it. Along with some furnishing and kitchen upgrades, the new residential HVAC has certainly enticed our families to give the cabin a try. It’s wonderful to have our two families enjoying a place that meant so much to both of us. I’m sure this would also be making my dad really happy.
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