A fantastic day at the park

Me & my boy went to have a picnic at the park last weekend & I have to tell you that the air quality was really great! All of us had not had a fantastic air quality day in ages & this is why all of us went to the park to have the picnic.

The air quality was so fantastic it was care about being around a whole condo air purification method outdoors.

The temperatures were also great. All of us did not have the need for any heating or air conditioning in our home, that is how perfect it was on that side of things. When you have perfect temperatures & fantastic air quality that is the best time to go to the park for a picnic on a Saturday or Tuesday morning! All of us had a really fantastic time & it was truly relaxing. There were others there as well doing the same as all of us were. Everyone knew that the air quality was really fantastic & that the temperatures were perfect separate from the need for heating or air conditioning. This is why I care about the section in which I live. Because even though sometimes all of us have long bouts of bad air quality & extreme temperatures to where the central heating & A/C method runs overtime, when all of us have fantastic air quality & fantastic temperatures it really is well worth the cost of admission as the saying goes. I would never want to live somewhere else in the whole wide world; Living here is the absolute best just care about the air quality & the temperatures were this past weekend.



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