Wish my wife would not work so often at her HVAC job

Last Thursday, my wifey plus I went to a modern pizzeria for lunch! I was looking forward to our lunch, however my wifey has been honestly working a lot of hours recently plus we have not been able to spend a lot of time together.

Thursday afternoon, my wifey did not have to do any work at the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine business.

Both of us went out to lunch plus we were having a superb time. The telephone started to ring halfway through our salad. My wifey looked at the telephone plus I knew it was the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine business. I begged her not to answer the phone, despite the fact that she told me it had to be an emergency. She easily picked up the phone plus she found out that one of the new HVAC workers was having trouble with a Heating plus Air Conditioning machine job. The guy totally needed some help plus he was honestly working in a residence in our town. That was the reason why the boss told the guy to call my wifey. I didn’t want us to leave in the middle of lunch, however my wifey said it was necessary. Both of us finished our salad plus took the rest of our food back to our residence. I ate lunch by myself at the kitchen table while my wifey was helping with the Heating plus Air Conditioning replacement task. It’s times like these when I wish that my wifey had a typical nine-to-five job similar to most other people. I wish she didn’t have to answer the phone like that when she was off from work to help other people with their issues. Unluckily, it is an immense section of her work.
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