The indoor air is hot and humid and I’m miserable at work

Indoor air temperatures have been warm and stagnant since we had trouble with the AC system last month.

The office manager called the repair service and they came to the office building to work on the central AC. The service company sent three guys to the building and they were there nearly all day. They walked in and out of the building five or six different times. They ate lunch in the cafeteria and tracked mud and dirt all over the conference room. One of the guys broke a chair when he sat down for a break. At the end of the day, they claimed that the AC problem was fixed. Unfortunately, the indoor air temperatures are still warm and humid. It almost feels worse than it did before they serviced the AC. I’m totally and completely miserable.I work the later shift in the office. I don’t come in until 10am and I don’t leave until 8 pm. My desk is on the corner of the south wall and my desk faces the sun most of the day. It’s hot and I don’t feel any cold air coming out of the AC vents. It’s like that in several other areas around the second floor. The indoor air quality does not reflect a well working central AC. I wish the office manager would call the AC repair service again, but she doesn’t believe it is necessary. Surely I can’t be the only person complaining about the indoor air temperatures, so I don’t understand why isn’t anyone doing anything to fix the problem.

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