Temperature control is helpful for workouts

I am very focused on health and physical fitness.

It’s important to me to take good care of myself, keep active and enjoy the best quality of life.

Along with being extremely careful about what I eat, I workout for an hour every morning. Whenever possible, I prefer to exercise outdoors. I feel more energetic and motivated when I’m breathing fresh air and have plenty of space to move around. I like to go for a run, kayak, ride my bicycle or unroll my yoga mat on the back deck. I think that air quality makes a big difference in the level of my workouts. I find it much harder to push myself when I’m exercising indoors. However, the weather in my area doesn’t always permit outdoor activities. For the majority of the year, we’re reliant on either the furnace or central air conditioner. It’s helpful to be able to adjust the thermostat to the ideal temperature. I don’t need to dress for the weather. For too often, I’ve found myself on a run where I’m either too warm too cold. I’ve gotten rained on, battled high winds and dealt with icy pavement. I have a home gym set up with a treadmill, weight bench, free weights, jump rope, resistance band and yoga mat. Because my house is outfitted with zoned control, the room with the home gym features an independent thermostat. I can keep an especially cool temperature in there without affecting the rest of the house. I am able to target that room while I’m working out and then make an adjustment to conserve energy for the rest of the day.


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