My son is going to be a great repair technician

My son was born 3 months early.

He was in the hospital for two weeks before I was allowed to take him home to my apartment.

He was my very first child and he is still the light of my life. My son is 21 years old now. He just applied to technical school so he can find a job working the HVAC repair field. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to education to get my son to this place. He didn’t have the easiest time learning in school. He struggled with words and letters and we found out that he was dyslexic when he was 9. He had a very hard time with both reading and math. Numbers and letters seemed to be jumbled up and he couldn’t form a good picture in his head. We worked with tutors every day in high school, so John could pass and get his high school diploma. John worked as a dishwasher for a couple of years and then he came home from work one afternoon and told me that he was going to apply to technical school. I was surprised because my son sounded very determined. He proceeded to tell me that he wanted to work in the HVAC repair industry. While he was at work that day, he had a long and productive talk with an HVAC repair technician. The guy was there to fix the AC , but John picked his brain for more information about the career. The guy gave him the name and number for the HVAC program recruiter at the school.

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