My guy works too much with his HVAC job

Last Monday morning, my boyfriend plus I went to a new diner for breakfast.

I was looking forward to our time together plus breakfast! My boyfriend has been working all kinds of hours recently plus we have not been able to spend a reasonable amount of time together.

Monday morning, my boyfriend did not have to work at the HVAC equipment business. The two of us went out to breakfast plus we were having a wonderful time. The cell phone began to ring halfway through our salad. My boyfriend looked at the cellphone plus I knew it was the HVAC equipment business calling. I begged him not to answer the cellphone, although he told me it must be an emergency. He picked up the cellphone plus he found out that one of the new guys was having trouble with an HVAC upgrade task. The guy needed some help plus he was working in a home in our city. That was the reason why the boss told the guy to call my boyfriend. I did not want to end our breakfast, however my boyfriend said it was necessary. The two of us finished our salad plus took the rest of our food back to our place. I ate breakfast alone at the dining room table while my boyfriend was helping with the HVAC upgrade work. It’s times such as these when I wish that my boyfriend had an official job where he wasn’t on call all the time. I wish he did not have to answer the cellphone when he was off plus help other people with their complications! Unfortunately, it is a large section of his particular task.

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