Reasons why I installed a humidifier in my luxury home

I was having all sorts of problems after moving into my luxury home. My symptoms ranged from dry skin, dry throat, nose irritation that often left me with nose itches. My vocal cords were irritated, and I also had constant headaches. These symptoms affected me whenever I used my HVAC unit. I went to the hospital to get tested, and the doctor asked if I had a humidifier in my house. It appears that was the one thing I forgot to install. I never thought it was essential until the doctor mentioned it. I did not realize that I was breathing in dry air during the winter months when my furnace was running. This caused me so much discomfort. I would get shocked each time I touched anything metallic in winter, and I thought there was a problem with my electrical wiring. It turned out to be static electricity caused by an electrical imbalance between my body and my surroundings. The static electricity intensifies when the humidity is very low. Humidity helps prevent electricity build-up by adding moisture to the air. My son also struggled with dry air during winter because low humidity is dangerous for asthmatic sufferers. My furniture was also deteriorating due to the low humidity level. Today, I don’t worry about my furniture and paintings having cracks due to dry air. My central humidification system, which is linked to my HVAC unit, has a humidistat that automatically monitors humidity levels in the air and maintains the appropriate level. It is attached to my plumbing system; thus no need for refilling water every when needed.




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