How to keep pollens away from your home's indoor air

Wash your bed sheets weekly in hot water as they also trap pollen.

Pollens are the significant triggers of allergies. These tiny grains are released from plants to fertilize other plants during spring, summer, and fall. There are actions you can take to reduce pollen from your indoor air. You have to limit your outdoor activities when pollen counts are high; this ensures you don’t get lots of pollen in your home. Close your home’s windows during the pollen season, and use your central HVAC unit for air conditioning. Your HVAC unit should have an air filter that filters pollen from the indoor air. Replace carpets with vinyl, tile, or hardwood floors. However, you can use smaller rugs that you can easily wash in the laundry machine. Replace your drapes with roll shades as drapes trap dust and allergens. Pets that go outside should be bathed regularly because their fur collects pollen from trees, grass, and weed. Take a bath and wash your hair immediately after coming from outside because you catch pollen in the air whenever you are out. Cleaning your house will reduce both indoor and outdoor allergens. Wash your bed sheets weekly in hot water as they also trap pollen. Regularly dust and vacuum your home to remove pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. Cut clutter from your house as they also trap pollen and other allergens. Avoid air-drying your clothes outside and instead, use your air dryer to dry your clothes to limit bringing pollen from the outdoors. It would be best if you also talked to a qualified HVAC professional for advice on the right HVAC system for controlling pollen in your indoor space.


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