I am getting an air cleaner to help remove smoke smell

Beggars can’t be choosers, that is what I keep telling myself, I purchased a house that was a bit out of my price range.

Then I realized that I could not afford the mortgage payment without supplemental income.

I did not want to get a second job so I got a roommate instead. I needed a roommate fast and unfortunately had to turn to people looking online for one. I got a guy named Carl that was able to move in the same week! He isn’t the worst roommate in the world, he is just unusual and sort of disruptive. He enjoys playing heavy metal truly late in the evening and video games early in the morning. He eats unusual food and leaves his clothes lying around everywhere. He is a truly crucial presence in my house. I could live with all those things but his smoking is killing me. I have told him not to smoke in my house, it will ruin my walls and my curtains. Not to mention that stink gets into my ductwork and then the HVAC disturbs it throughout the house. So every room stinks and smells an ashtray. I don’t want the polluted indoor air quality and the second hand smoke! Carl swears he lights up outside but there is no way. I am slender on funds despite the fact that I suppose I am going to need to buy a media air cleaner to combat the fumes. I need to wipe my indoor air quality so it does not stink. I want to make Carl buy it despite the fact that I am kind of scared of him.



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