Working on the top floor of our building is not the best

Working on the top floor of our building is truly not the best situation for me.

I am one of those people who feels pretty hot nearly all the time & being in hot temperatures just puts myself and others in a bad mood.

I hate being too hot & so I am someone who truly loves the A/C while I was in the summer. Whenever I can’t get our A/C, then all of us am pretty frustrated & tough to get along with. I’m truly starting to guess that if I don’t get myself transferred to a department that’s not up on the top floor, I might end up getting myself fired for having a bad attitude & for insubordination! I just can’t help myself. It makes myself and others mad whenever I’m hot, & it seems love the A/C in our building just gives up before it makes it to the top floor of the building where I work right now. I guess that heat rises & all that, but this is deranged if you ask me. I mean, all of us have zone control heating & cooling in the office & it’s just not working correctly. I have turned the control machine in our office down as far as it will possibly go, but the air vents only spit out a tiny little stream of lukewarm air every now & then. The A/C is never enough to cool our office down even a little bit & it’s truly never fantastic enough to make myself and others quit dripping with sweat & get into a fantastic mood at work! I don’t guess what I’m going to do for the rest of the Summer if they don’t do something about the cooling method up there.

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