Most people don’t realize how absurdly inefficient many space furnaces are

People take one look at my beach house office setup & scoff that I must have a high electricity bill.

I have a laptop with lights inside, many monitors, a backlit keyboard & mouse, & LED lights wrapping around the room & underneath my desk.

Although it might look high-priced to run, it certainly isn’t. The laptop takes the most electricity & the LED lights are all high efficiency. I have really used my electrical meter to measure the electrical pull of many lights & electronics in my beach house office, however they don’t really make up for the bulk of my energy bill. I have things like gas charges because I use it for cooking & heating. As far as my electricity bill is distraught, that is in big part dominated by my cooling system use, and my clothes dryer, oven, stove top, & water heater. It’s all of these appliances combined that make up most of my electricity expenses. Based on my measurements, my entire beach house office utilizes less energy than a basic space heater. People don’t realize how much electricity they’re wasting with many $10 space heaters. I used one for a month straight one year before getting a gas furnace & I remember seeing my electricity bill increase by 30%, it was certainly crazy at the time. I know that $50 radiant space furnaces are much more energy efficient, however many people buy the cheap ones because that is what they can afford. The reduced energy costs will pay for the high-priced space gas furnace in the course of numerous months alone.


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