Importance of a wipe air filter

I am reading a lot as a up-to-date homeowner.

When you have only lived in rentals, there is a ton of stuff you never learn because you don’t have to learn it.

I was raised in an condo building in the town ,so I never had to mow a lawn in our life until now. There is absolutely a steep reading curve here, plus I am trying to learn as much as I can every single morning, because I think all this stuff will come up time plus again over the years. I am regularly going to live here, for the rest of our life, so I need to understand how to concernshoot the Heating plus A/C system, amongst other things. When I moved in, the only thing I knew how to do was to adjust the temperature control plus nothing else. I had never even changed out an air filter before, because that was something the super for the condo complex regularly did. So now the first thing I do when the house gets sizzling is to hold up our hand in front of the air vent plus see what the airflow feels like. If it is sluggish at all, then I pull the air filter plus check it to see if it has gotten dirty. The easyst things are the easiest to overlook, plus a congested up air filter can put extra wear plus tear on your system. Then the air conditioner has to work harder plus harder to cool down the house, plus that’s when most of the major concerns happen.



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