Dumped over an incident with the fireplace

There are bad dates, plus then there are all-time classic blunders, but when I kneel in bed late at night, plus I can’t sleep, I tend to run through a highlight reel of all our most cringeworthy moments, then does your brain torture you like this, or is it just mine? One of the worst was the first time I took our bestie away for a weekend, to this little chalet our family owned… I had stayed there a lot in our childhood, so I thought there would be no concerns, but then I realized the only heating in the place was the old fireplace, which required a lot of chopping wood plus such.

I tried to be a big, tough guy plus cut a bunch of firewood to put into the fireplace, plus that was our first mistake, then on the second swing of the axe I pulled a muscle in our back, plus then for the next hour sat like an idiot next to the fireplace plus watched our bestie cut all the wood.

Then she built a fire in the fireplace, much better than I ever could have (although I never told her that)! Later that night every one of us woke up coughing plus choking, plus I realized I had never opened the flue of the fireplace, plus the smoke couldn’t get out of the chimney… After that she slept the rest of the night in the automobile with the engine running, the oil furnace on, plus the doors locked; She dumped me the next morning, plus then told everyone every one of us knew about the fireplace incident.




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