The last time I flew on an airplane it was uncomfortably sizzling for most of the flight

I was almost 6 years aged the first time I ever stepped foot on an airplane.

  • I was acdealering our mom to visit our good Grandpa down south in the year leading up to his passing.

Although it was a somber trip, our mom didn’t let me see it at the time. She was excited to see our excitement at going up into an airplane for the first time ever. I got to see outside the window & look down at mountain tops when we flew over the Appalachians. It was a sublime experience, 1 that was repeated each time I boarded a plane to visit our Mom after our parents divorced & our Mom took our sibling & I to another state. I appreciated flying in planes for years until I reached our 20s. Lots of things have lost their appeal as I’ve grown older, however flying in certain has become a crucial pain. I hate the cost of the tickets, the fact that you’re paying to check a single bag of luggage in several cases, the aggravating TSA pat-down, & the claustrophobic environment inside the plane. I hate hearing screaming babies & having children kick our seat from behind. The last time I flew the a/c wasn’t laboring respectfully inside the plane. Both of us were above the clouds & in full sunlight, adding to the heat inside the plane. I started to sweat & noticed others were as well. Not a single flight attendant or pilot mentioned the lack of cooling system during the flight, despite the fact that it clearly wasn’t laboring the entire time.


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