The boy from last shift turned off the AC control unit

I used to labor the evening shift at a restaurant with my guy.

We both labor the same shift so both of us could spend more time together.

When both of us broke up, I decided to switch my schedule. The boss agreed to put myself and others on afternoon shift. My ex-lady was really unhappy with the situation and he was even more miserable when he found out that I changed my shift. When my guy was promoted to the evening shift supervisor, things became genuinely crazy. She started doing a lot of things to aggravate me. Since I was the supervisor in the morning, I had to deal with everything out of place from the evening before. She purposely did things that would make my morning even harder. She didn’t prepare anything at all a single evening and I had to split vegetables and meat while helping customers at the counter… Another time he turned off the AC control equipment when he left the building at evening. I came to labor the next morning and indoor air hot and cold temperatures were severely high. I thought the AC was broken until I realized that the control equipment was shut off. It took hours for the AC to cool down the building. When the problem was the AC control equipment occurred, I tried to get my boss to intervene. She said that he did not want to get involved in our personal lives and he told myself and others to repair it on my own time. I don’t know how I am expected to labor under these strenuous conditions. She is doing everything possible to make my life annoyed and he is succeeding.
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