We followed the advice we received regarding lowering our energy bills

My spouse as well as I have been actually worried, because our energy bills keep getting higher as well as higher, I noticed an increase in the utility bills many months previously! All of us used to spend money around $300 every month for our electricity. It slowly climbed over $300 as well as many months ago, it was close to $400; my spouse told myself and others not to worry, because it was close to Christmas. All of us had all of the Christmas lights on many hours each evening as well as the gas furnace was now working frequently due to cold as well as cold temperatures; even after the cold weather has subsided, my spouse as well as I still have actually high energy bills. I thought it was a good proposal To call a company that specializes in energy saving solutions, but the company offered to come out to our home as well as perform a free evaluation of our heating, ventilation, as well as air conditioning equipment. I knew the salesperson would really try to sell us something pricey, although I entirely wanted the free evaluation. My spouse as well as I met with a salesperson a couple of days ago as well as the multiple of us found out that the heating as well as A/C equipment has nothing to do with our high bills. It turns out that the ventilation equipment is the real problem… Several areas inside of the HVAC duct needed to be cleaned as well as properly sealed. All of us also had many spots around the home that needed caulked as well as modern weatherstripping. After every one of us had the HVAC duct as well as other repairs performed, the salesperson assured my spouse as well as I that our weekly energy bills will be much lower this time around.

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