The AC blew dust on everything

I bought our lake house and allowed myself a few weeks to work on it before moving in.

I chose to rent the apartment I was residing at a little longer so I could renovate the whole new home.

I scrapped every popcorn ceiling in the house, and the dust was just horrendous. Then for my bathroom and kitchen, I choose to mud the ceilings and sand in order to make them smooth. I then took the closet bifolds and sanded them down so that I could add a coat of paint. The last thing I did was sand the wood walls in our kitchen and paint them white. Obviously, a lot of dust was blowing around in the home. I didn’t recognize it at the time, even though I kept the HVAC system on constantly. I needed the AC pumping on me while I was doing the projects, but going up and down a ladder, crouching, bending and twisting is tiring and hardwork. I was thankful for the cooling system. Before I moved into our lake house I decided to disinfect the entire inside. I washed the walls and light fixtures. I mopped the floors and added new rugs because of the dust. I was so happy to finally start moving into a perfectly disinfected new home. Once I got all our stuff moved in I turned on the AC system. I was then appalled at the amount of dust that got on our new curtains, sheets and surfaces. The AC component sucked up all the dust while I was doing renovations. It was storing the debris in the air duct and so every room got a layer of dust when I turned our system on.

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