HEPA air filters help me

I have bad allergies, I don’t know if it is the outdoor air or our indoor air quality.

It could be pollen, pet dander or even the stink of the pet litter that is bothering me.

I haven’t been able to figure out the cause of our dust sensitivities. I sneeze, have a runny nose, dry cough and a headache consistently though. I get so sick of carrying tissues around that I just let my nose run like a kindergartener. I looked online on what to do to help my dust sensitivities. There are of course medications and cleaners that help matters out. I did find a single article that piqued my interest though. It was highly advocated to work on improving your indoor air quality when suffering with allergies. I did everything that was recommended and I am shocked by the difference. First, I bought HEPA filters which have a higher MERV rating and smaller holes to catch dust. I then bought myself a whole house air cleaner. This was sort of a pain since the HVAC business needed to install it in our return HVAC duct. I also need to be on it with air filter changes for not only the HVAC unit, but also the media air cleaner. The cost of the air filters aren’t cheap though. I then had the heating and cooling business do some HVAC duct cleaning while they were in the house. Now that everything is all installed and cleaned, I can breathe easier. I hardly sneeze now and my headaches are gone. I now feel like a whole current woman.

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