Advantages of a heat pump

When my partner and I decided to retire and move south, we started looking at houses on the market. I noticed that the majority of the properties listed a heat pump as the source of temperature control. I’d never heard of a heat pump before and wasn’t sure if this was an asset or a downside. In the area where we’d previously lived, we were accustomed to long and severely cold winters! Our house was outfitted with a gas heating system and we never even bothered with air conditioning, realizing our needs were going to be quite peculiar in our modern location, I decided to research heat pumps. This category of system runs on electricity and 1 of the greatest benefits is that it provides both heating and cooling. A single device handles year round comfort demands. In the summer, it functions actually much love a conventional cooling system. The device looks a lot love an cooling system and uses refrigerant to pull heat energy out of the house and transfer it outside. One of the advantages is that a heat pump is especially fine at getting rid of excess humidity. When the weather cools off in the winter, the heat pump literally reverses the flow of refrigerant. It finds ambient heat in the outdoor air and pumps it indoors. The process avoids the burning of fossil fuels, fumes, overheated surfaces and greenhouse gases. It’s exceptionally clean, safe, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Heat pumps tend to be more expensive to purchase and install than other types of heating/cooling units however they respectfully pay for themselves in energy savings.

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