Indoor weather conditions control demands differ from region to region, especially in the desert

I’ve been moving a lot all over the country since I was a little kid.

My parents worked in the military and were stationed at several weird air force bases between the time I was born and when I graduated high school.

It was almost impossible to form lasting friendships because the two of us were constantly going from one place to the next. Part of me enjoyed seeing modern landscapes and scenery every more than one years, but it was exhausting to constantly pack my life into suitcases and leave behind a place I had only just begun to call home. Some of these homes were better than others, although the two of us were fortunate enough to never live in squalor. One thing that determined how much I liked a modern home was the weather conditions where the two of us were living. I easily hated the more than one years the two of us spent in the deep south with ridiculously high humidity and 98 degree summers. Even when the two of us used the air conditioner constantly, I remember how much humidity would get inside whenever someone opened the door or cracked a window. When the two of us moved out to the desert, the weather was hotter but it easily felt different. My parents explained that instead of the humid air in the south, the two of us now lived in a place with extremely dry air. The dry heat is either worse or better depending on the person you ask, but it easily means you don’t have to expect your air conditioner to pull out a ton of moisture from your indoor air. It gets so dry here that some people run humidifiers at varying times of the year to add moisture to their air. When I l gained that I couldn’t guess it until I saw it with my own esure.


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