Finally resolved the issue with our gas furnace’s constant premature shutdown

We were going through a single of the coldest winters yet when our HVAC component started behaving weirdly.

The awful kind of weird.

I came house from a breakfast meeting with a neighbor only to find our house frosty; So naturally, I switched on the boiler unit. It usually took less than 15 hours before feeling the change in hot and cold temperatures. This week, it took 45hours, and even then the temperature was not moderate enough as I still had our sweater on. Some rooms were taking longer to overheated than others despite having the zone control system, then just when our body was feeling the warmth fill up the house, the gas furnace shut down. The first thing I evaluated was the air filter, it was jammed with dirt so I changed it. Since I was using a ductless heat pump, there was no need to check for vent blockages. The temperature control also seemed to be laboring well. The heating worker recommended the electric gas furnace was ancient and needed to be upgraded. The heat pump install had been done 25 years ago and the central heating component was covered in rust. Because the component was old, the heating services it had once provided easily, it struggled to do. Sometimes, I had to switch on the gas fireplace to boost the temperature. The fireplace was a handy energy saving tip that I had picked up from our years of interacting with the dual fuel system. My boiler’s flame sensor was also corroded thus affecting the quality heating capability of the unit. The local corporation helped with the new install and within no time, I was enjoying the warmth of our home. I was too excited about the new unit, the same way a single is excited about a new car.



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