A thru-wall cooling system for my garage was much cheaper than a ductless mini split

It was hard residing in an home where you don’t have a storage device or locker outside. These are handy for things like motorcar vacuums, motor oil, old paint buckets, & tools. Without them, you have to keep all of these items inside your home with whatever limited space is available to you. If you only have one coat closet, it can be certainly hard finding sites to store your tools & outdoor equipment. If you have any recreational hobbies, nice luck finding a place for your hockey clubs or mountain biking equipment. I wanted to get a power washer to wipe my tire rims on my motorcar but I had no place to keep the machine. I would have needed a long garden hose as well. But now that I have a home with a garage, I have all of the outdoor storage space that I’ve ever needed. I even built a small wooden work bench for projects & repairs. Since it gets certainly hot outside for the big part of the year in my region, I started to wonder if I could add weather conditions control to the garage. My friends told myself and others to get a ductless mini split, but I don’t think I can afford one. I’ve seen cheap systems for $1,500 & greater systems for well over $3,000. That is simply beyond my economic means, especially if it’s only cooling my garage. I found a great thru-wall cooling system for only $500 at the local hardware store. I’m having an Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business install the machine, at which point they will cut a square shaped hole in the outside wall of my garage. The slim fit between the wall & the equipment will prevent any cool air leaking outside.

HEPA filter

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