I thought the DIY project was done when my baby put the instruction in the shredder

I was really gleeful when I was able to get my own DIY ductless mini split.

I had a bunch of friends come over to help myself and others with the replacement when the ductless mini split arrived. It actually was sort of a late birthday present, so it arrived afternoons after my birthday. I was really glad on my birthday too because I also got a modern smart thermostat that I knew would work perfectly with the modern ductless mini split. Another present I had was this cool paper shredder. The only issue was that my 2-year seasoned kid kept grabbing a bunch of papers plus kept stuffing them into the shredder when nobody was looking. It made her laugh love deranged plus she had fun, but I had to keep her away from it. Well, when I had my buddies over plus we opened the ductless mini split to get started, I was looking over the instruction. Everybody was waiting for myself and others to tell them what needed to be done, plus I went over it 1 step at a time. When I was working on mounting 1 of the indoor Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C units, my kid ended up grabbing the instruction booklet plus put it in the shredder! That was a devastating moment as I saw the instruction go through plus I realized I wouldn’t assume exactly what to do next with the replacement. I had a general idea, but not all the details, my 1 friend said we should just look it up online though, plus sure enough there was an online instruction manual!

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