HVAC can help pull moisture out of the air

Have you had to deal with a basement that smells unusual just because of the accumulated humidity? Rather than right off your basement space, you can convert it into a storage space, or better still, make it a great man cave for the youngsters to hang out, but this can only work if you get the heating and A/C works right.

You do not want the wall paintings to peel off or co-exist with mold that keeps recurring no matter how well you deal with it! Fortunately, it is easy to maintain the humidity problems in your basement.

First, it helps to call in the heating and A/C serviceman that you trust for a professional assessment, and depending on the diagnosis and recommendations, you can then proceed to apply the air conditioning units that he or she advises. One of the most respected measures most homeowners take is to use humidifiers and dehumidifiers to control the humidity levels in their basements. Your A/C may have the ability to pull out moisture from the environment, but this is not its primary purpose hence may not be efficient, then note that high humidity levels majorly affect comfort during wintertime, but as such, you are investing in a combination humidifier/dehumidifier is important for such homes. The serviceman you bring in will measure the volume of humidity and guide you on how best to regulate it for users’ maximum comfort. Alternatively, consider a ductless heating and A/C idea as opposed to the central one. This will ensure that air is blown directly into the room, sparing you the problems of conveying air through ducts which is what causes condensation and heightened humidity levels.

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