Setting up mini chop in our RV wasn't simple

My wifey and I decided to sell our lake house and buy an RV so we could travel around the country and like our life, but all of us were working taxing every afternoon trying to keep up with our neighbors. Life was getting out of control and we weren’t having any fun, but my wifey and I got married because we enjoyed spending time together… Unluckyly, we were working 50 or 60 hours a week and we barely spent a minute or many together before a single of us was rushing off to a meeting with clients, and it was the same everyday and both of us were tired of residing that life. I made the suggestion to sell our possessions and live off the grid. I was half serious and I did not expect my wifey to jump on board with both feet, however six months later, we sold our lake house and purchased a small RV that needed some TLC, however the component had a fantastic structure and I knew that I could do something special with the interior. The first task I tackled was installing solar panels so we could live somewhere. After the solar panels were installed, I purchased a mini-chop HVAC component to put in the kitchen above the sink. I knew it was the perfect locale for the HVAC mini-chop component because it was right in the middle of the RV. The air flow hit every section of the RV. It wasn’t simple to set up the mini-chop HVAC component and hook it up to the solar panels, but it’s done now and it works well.



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