My partner plus I found the cutest Winter time retreat

My partner plus I are usually condo every year during Winter time plus the holidays, but this year the two of us decided to take a week-long trip to the mountains.

The youngsters were a little sad that the two of us were not condo on Christmas day, but our partner plus I got a good deal on a Winter time retreat.

The multiple family room plus 2 bathroom lodge was only available for a few days at the discounted rate so our partner plus I decided to go. It was a several-hour drive, even though it was only 63 miles. The people I was with and I were driving 35 miles an hour for a absolutely long time in the mountains. When the two of us finally arrived at our Winter time retreat, the two of us were absolutely surprised plus glad with our accommodations. The Winter time retreat was absolutely elegant plus cute. It was even nicer than the online pictures. The best area about the Winter time retreat was the fireplace in the middle of the residing. The fireplace was decorated with stones from the creek plus river bed. The fireplace was stocked up with plenty of logs plus kindling to start a fire. My partner plus I sat in the residing room by the foreapcle every night with our hot cocoa plus coffee. The people I was with and I called the youngsters on Christmas morning plus watched almost everyone open their gifts. After that, the two of us spent the whole day lying on the couch by the fireplace seeing ancient motion pictures. That month was 1 of the most great plus wonderful trips that our partner plus I have spent together since all of our children left the house.

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