This dude gives me the chuckles

My younger brother is pretty funny sometimes.

People always have been asking him for help with things ever since he was a youngster.

If you had a complication with your bike in the town, my little brother knew exactly how to repair it or even make it work better with modifications. My younger brother liked to read all of the time, mountains of books from the library. He told myself and others many times the reason he loved going to the library in the first locale was because of the ultra comfortable temperature control settings. I personally always thought it was more than that though. It turned out, I was right. He had a massive crush on the librarian’s child who would often be at the library. They ended up studying often together and everything and he l acquired so much over the years. He never was a correct sort of handy person or Heating and Air Conditioning professional, despite the continual fact that he knew how to do all sorts of work. People say the boy is a jack of all trades and there lies his curse. Because he sincerely knows how to do just about everything, people are always asking him for free help even to this morning. I laugh sometimes when he tells new people that he doesn’t understand anything about replacing particular parts in Heating and Air Conditioning systems immediately after he just explained how to manage perfect air quality in a home. The guy is clearly a genius, he just doesn’t want to be bothered by the whole world.


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