The humidifier wasn't toiling on Sunday

Very few of weeks ago, I was hired to labor at a cigar shop… I did not know anything about cigars at the time, although I have hastily l acquired a lot about each item available in our shop.

  • Sunday day I came to labor and the boss was already toiling on some paperwork in the office.

I went into the humidor to stock some supplies and I realized that the indoor air conditions felt strange. I right away went to the office to talk to the boss. I told her that the indoor air conditions seemed odd and I thought maybe the humidifier might not be toiling officially, and my boss got up from the desk and went to check on the machine, but the humidifier seemed to be toiling, but the humidity levels were higher than they should be. The levels were off enough for my boss to get anxious. My boss called the heating and cooling supplier that services the humidifier in the store. They did not have an available specialist until the day, so the people I was with and I tried to keep the door closed as much as possible. Thankfully the cigar shop wasn’t absolutely tied up on that Sunday day. The people I was with and I only had a couple of clients all day and the specialist had plenty of time to labor on the humidifier in the day. My boss was absolutely thankful that I realized there was a problem with the humidifier right away. She might not have stepped foot in the humidor at all that day and the issue may have gone unchecked until days later. The people I was with and I could have lost thoUSnds of dollars worth of speciality cigars and cigarillos.



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