She’s just the prettiest tech on the team

I always say it was basically love at first sight even though my partner always says she disagrees; She, of course, was the first female Heating and Air Conditioning worker who worked at our local Heating and Air Conditioning dealer, and I knew I wanted to marry her the moment I saw her.

She was a beauty to behold and she knew a good deal already about heating and cooling systems.

This was always my thing in life and to work each day with somebody who genuinely knew what I was talking about was an extremely attractive feature for particular, all the men thought I only liked her because at that point she was the only female Heating and Air Conditioning worker, however they eventually came around to realize that I had real feelings for her. She was genuinely hard to get and kept at it that way for multiple weeks, however eventually she could no longer resist my charm, or so I like to think. Both of us ended up getting married and after that I worked to start our own family Heating and Air Conditioning business. Both of us have become easily successful and today I know every one of us couldn’t have made it this far without her brilliant ideas. I guess I have a few fantastic ideas too however her ideas entirely fascinate me. The Heating and Air Conditioning industry is improving with the female perspective starting to be rightly represented in greater amounts. I have such a good deal of respect for my partner; she has talents greater than many of us.

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