My brother got lost and ended up at the HVAC company

My brother never likes to use maps or even his phone when it comes to figuring out directions.

Usually I have to tell him which directions to take and he always is calling me up for things like that.

I really wish he would use a map or something because sometimes I’m too busy to help him. It’s kind of funny how things went just the other day. He was blowing up my phone while I was in the middle of an important meeting. He ended up getting lost and he stopped at an HVAC company he came across. He figured he would just spend some time there looking at some HVAC systems. He ended up buying a smart thermostat and he was on his way home to get a free consultation for an HVAC system upgrade. I was surprised that he was headed home, but even more surprised that the HVAC technician was basically escorting him back to his house. I suppose he could use an HVAC upgrade, but I didn’t think he was going to spend all this money just because I wasn’t able to answer the phone to give him directions to get back to his place. I’m thinking that now since he has a smart thermostat, he will be relying on his phone more often. Maybe I will be able to start using the map app so he doesn’t have to call me up anymore. I did get him a GPS unit before, but he didn’t like using that thing. He said he didn’t like the robotic voice giving him directions.


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