Learning more about heating and cooling over time

When you first move out, there is so much to learn it is overwhelming.

My parents weren’t that much help to me, so I spent a lot of time just trying to figure things out for myself.

There were so many things to keep track of, I found myself exhausted most days. Anyways, one of the things that has baffled me for a long time was actually HVAC technology. I was one of the people that would research heating and cooling, reread the online material several times, and still not get it. I eventually gave up, and just figured that whenever I had an issue with HVAC components, that I would just call a HVAC technician and he would come and fix it, no knowledge needed. It turns out this was a horrible mindset, as I needed the HVAC knowledge to properly take care of my heater and A/C, and what to look out for if it showed signs of slowing down or overworking. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn that lesson until I already was having issues with my air conditioning system. I called a HVAC business, and the HVAC serviceman they sent out kindly explained some of the basics of furnaces and A/Cs. Thankfully the issue with my cooling device was very minor, and not costly. I still struggle with learning HVAC technology, but I am getting better overtime. While I used to struggle with the basics, I now know how to do basic HVAC maintenance and changing out the A/C filters. Eventually, I think I will be able to handle most of the HVAC duties myself, but it will take time.

furnace/heater tune-up

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