I’m glad to be out of there

I’m sure not everybody believes in the relevance of the saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” Well, I found myself saying that to people, myself, because I wished that I could get a cut from my work.

When I was thinking about finally getting a break, I didn’t guess it would be a literal cut of a single of my bones! I ended up getting myself right into a terrible accident and broke my leg.

Because I had this broken bone, I was suddenly stuck in a hospital with a cut from work. This was not the style of vacation that I wanted as I was thinking more along the lines of hanging out in a tropical resort all day and having the time of my life. I would appreciate having a nice hotel room with a single of those amazing smart thermostats where you can adjust the temperature control settings remotely. I can’t stop thinking about them right now. It would also be good if they had radiant floors in the bathrooms, but that’s a pipe dream. Unfortunately, I had no control over the temperature control settings at the hospital where I took my break. It was harshly uncomfortable most of the time because they already had the cooling system cranked up on purpose! I thought these people were beyond deranged and kept shouting at them in my discomfort. I had a few nice nurses come in to adjust the temperature control settings for me, however the others would just shrug and allow myself and others to nearly freeze to death with only a few thin blankets that I could barely use. I can’t tell you how thankful I was when I made my way out of that hospital and got to adjust my own temperature control settings is a immense relief.

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