I learned fast and easy

I happen to be able to guess how to do a lot of things, so people will ask myself and others if I can try to teach them about this and that.

I don’t have the time for all of that nonsense though.

I am not an instructor of any sort, I am a guy just trying to get by in life. I personally don’t love to rely on others in my life to do work on my property. This is why I acquired everything I needed to guess over the years. I guess I learned how to replace the roof on the house, I guess how to dig a ditch, I guess how to drywall, mud walls, and things such as that. When I recently installed a new ductless mini split in my house, people regularly were amazed with the installation. I had people asking myself and others which local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier I hired for the work because they had never seen such a gorgeous professional install. When I would tell people it was myself and others who did the volume of work, they were in disbelief. Before I knew it, I had people offering to pay fantastic cash to install ductless mini splits in their houses. I finally looked at this as a chance to make cash and so I took people up on their offers. Of course, I had to make a simple contract with these people so there were no hanging legal matters left unattended. They obviously understood the risks and how I was not a certified Heating and Air Conditioning professional. Then, I had no issues installing multiple ductless mini splits and the work was highly admired. I finally ended up being contacted by an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier who admired my freelance work… I assume it entirely pays to guess a lot of stuff.

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