HVAC corporation loves to cut corners and is shut down

There used to be a HVAC company not too far off from where I live.

The building the HVAC business once used is now up for sale.

I’ve only had one experience with this particular HVAC corporation, but the experience I had wasn’t great. The main issue was rude HVAC technicians that are dismissive and condescending, as well as doing a horrible job. Really, my experience was really minor compared to what some other people had. I read reviews of them online, and very few were good. One person complained about the HVAC specialists not even repairing their heating and cooling devices, but just poking around inside and calling it a day. That HVAC place had over 100 reviews and only 3 were good reviews, and 1 neutral review. The rest were negative if that helps show how bad this place was. Obviously, I moved on to a much better HVAC company, and forgot about them. That is, until the bad HVAC corporation appeared on the news one day. Apparently, the HVAC company was caught encouraging their HVAC techs to remove perfectly good parts and replace them with defective ones in a healthy air conditioner, then they could rake in extra money. They are currently being sued, and some of them are possibly facing jail time. Multiple people have come out telling how this place cut so many corners and did a lot of other sketchy stuff. I guess I am lucky, because while my experience was not great with them, it was not nearly as bad as some other people’s experiences.


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