Don’t get started before you know

It was a superb Summer day plus my best neighbor plus I just got back from the beach with our wifeys.

All of us had ice cream, got super sunburned plus a few other things transpired on the sandy shores.

All of us were pretty burnt up already by the sun, plus it was a tepid day. All of us had a numerous room home rented on the main strip for the summer, plus all of us rented it last year. The home had a truly old gas furnace from god knows when plus an even older Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. This horrible old thing rattled when it turned on, made funny noises plus it occasionally changed its own apparent temperature setting; It was a mess, this cooling system. All of us fiddled with the nasty thing for a while plus figured it needed a break. It turns out when I got back the next day the entire home was hotter than outside, plus I was puzzled. The Heating plus Air Conditioning component in question broke early that day, my neighbor said. She had called a repairman already at 7 plus 8 oclock to come plus a single came out finally at 3. She couldn’t quite repair it at that point plus said she would have to order a current component for the room. Summer was so busy on the beach all of us couldn’t switch rooms or find another lake house nearby to possibly stay in for the week. All of us decided to sleep with the door open plus use a fan, but needless to say, all of us will have a better system next Summer for avoiding the horrible Summer heat. I’m bringing more sunblock, my own fan plus learning how to repair an old Heating plus Air Conditioning component maybe, that is how tepid it was!

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